The main directions
The main directions:
  • Inspection of underground pipelines.
  • Inspection of subsea pipelines.
  • Inspection of surface pipelines, tanks and metal structures.
We find out
We find out:
  • Pipe metal defects: internal and external corrosion, mechanical damage, corrosion and fatigue crack-like defects, defects of welded connections, additional metal on the pipeline.
  • Stress-deformed states (SDS), the formation of which is associated with changes in geometry and sagging of the pipeline, deposits, landslides, tectonically unstable areas.
We provide
We provide:
  • Conclusion Expertise of pipeline industrial safety.
  • Determination of residual resource of the pipeline (period of accident-free operation).
  • Calculation of safe working pressure.
  • Development of recommendations for further operation of the object (repair work, safe operation mode).
Additional services:
  • Application of the certified NDT Laboratory for solving various tasks.
  • Search of insulation coating damages.
  • Search for leaks.
  • Thermal imaging system.
  • Georadiolocation search for various underground utilities.

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