Non-contact inspection by KMD system of pipelines, tanks and steel structures. Action of a method is based on registration of changes of a magnetic field in places of formation of defects and the Stressed-deformed states (SDS). Application of KMD system allows to determine the general technical state of the surveyed object and preventing the occurrence of emergency situations.
The results are processed using specialized software. An extensive database and the use of artificial intelligence technologies allow for highly accurate assessment of the object.
Based on the results of the diagnostics, our experts assess the risks and provide recommendations for repair work and further operation.
Competitive advantages
Detection of SDS
Applicability on steel pipelines of any type and purpose
Without stopping or reducing the volume of transportation of product - without re-equipment of the pipeline - without cleaning and calibration of the pipe
High capacity - up to 20km/day
Reliability of detectable defects up to 93%
Diagnostics at a distance of up to 10 pipe diameters
Diagnostics of areas inaccessible for in-pipe and other contact methods, including those closed by bottom sediments
Real-time anomaly detection

History of KMD


Technology and Innovation Center LTD (TIC LTD) under the Grant Agreement with the Skolkovo Foundation has developed and implemented a fundamentally new approach to technical diagnostics of pipelines using the non-contact method using the KMD system. The original software allows for real-time processing and display of magnetograms with classification of defects on the monitor.

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