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KMD-02D is designed for non-contact magnetometric diagnostics of subsea pipelines at depths up to 60 meters. Systems of non-contact magnetometric diagnostics are developed on the basis of three-component magnetoresistive nanofilm sensors that allow to measure conditions of high electromagnetic interferences.

System KMD-02D:

  1. Is completely passive - do not emit electromagnetic or other radiation and do not have any effect on the object under investigation;
  2. Does not require changes in the pumping mode of the product
  3. Does not require pipeline preparation for inspection.


During the survey, the diver moves the vertically oriented instrument along the pipeline route. All received data are graphically displayed on the screen of the device online. The device design allows the diver to enter a number of markers into the file directly during the survey. All received materials are recorded on a flash memory card.

In case of technical capability, verification diging is carried out based on the diagnostic results in order to obtain more accurate information about the pipeline and improve the quality of processing. Further, the analytical center performs a multi-profile data analysis using artificial intelligence technologies. Based on the results, a report on the technical condition of the pipeline is prepared.

Specifications KMD-02D:

  • Overall dimensions, mm: 650х400х55;
  • Weight, kg: 5.5;
  • Scanning step, m: from 0.01;
  • The diameters of the pipelines inspected, mm: 159-1420;
  • The wall thickness of the pipe, mm: 3.0-22;
  • Operating temperature range: ≥ 10о С
  • Connecting the IBM PC: Flash card;
  • Level of protection: IP-66;
  • Power supply: From the field computer battery;
  • Continuous working time: at least 8 hours;
  • Depth: up to 60 m.

Additional technical information abouttheKMD-02D:

Type of sensors (primary transducers)

Nano-size sensors based on the Anisotropic Magneto-Resistance effect (AMR).

Each sensor consists of magneto-resistance layer made of Fe-Ni-CO layer, with the thickness of 30 nM (nano-Meter, 10-9m)
Amount of measured parameters of the magnetic field
Sampling speed
Up to 300 samples per second
Types of detectable defects

  • Metal loss (internal or external corrosion: local corrosion pits, groove corrosion);

  • Crack-like defects (cracks, including SCC, folds, blister, guide marks);

  • Discontinuity (lamination, non-metallic inclusions); Weld joints defects;

  • Change in geometry (dents, corrugation);

  • Anomalies of stress-deformed state (sections with sags, deflections, karsts and landslip phenomena);

  • Other defects causes changing of the magnetic field

Depth of detectable defects
starting from 15 to 100 % of pipe wall thickness
Determination of pipeline bedding depth 
Up to 10 diameters of the inspected pipe
Requirements to the surface under inspection
preparation of the surface and changes in pipeline operation mode - Not required

Certificates & Licenses

  • Russian Federation utility model patent "Magnetic flaw detector for inspection of metal pipelines";
  • Russian Federation utility model patent "Device for noncontact detection of presence and a site of defects of the metal pipeline";
  • Russian Federation utility model patent "Magnetic flaw detector for the control of underground metal pipelines";
  • Russian Federation utility model patent "Device for determination of a place of damage of isolation of the magistral pipelines";
  • Russian Federation utility model patent "Device for determination of the route, depth and deflection of the main pipeline";
  • Certificate of state registration of the program for computer "Program for receiving, saving and displaying in real time the data of magnetometric diagnostics of KMD-01M complex (VIZOR);
  • Certificate of state registration of the KMD-01M Magnetometric Diagnostics Data Processing Program created by VIZOR (POSTVIZOR) software;
  • Certificate of the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology No. ROSS (РОСС) RU MH05.H00176 No. 0260596, according to which "KMD-01M complex meets the requirements of regulatory documents";
  • Declaration of the Customs Union TC No. RU D-RU.OM02.B.09802 on conformity of the complexes of magnetometric diagnostics of pipelines of KMD series to the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union ТР TC 004/2011 "On the safety of low-voltage equipment" and ТР TC 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means".

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